Auf Wiedersehen, Pet

Another Country

Series 3 - Episode 5 Another Country



The lads move into a grim little hut on the Chocanaw reservation and set about rebuilding the bridge, but Barry begins to go off the rails as he remembers the good times with Tatiana. Work goes well thanks to help from Joe's son Chip - but Granger is livid to discover he has been made a fool of, and vows to have his revenge. Tim Healy and Jimmy Nail star.

Cast & Crew

Barry Timothy Spall
Oz Jimmy Nail
Dennis Tim Healy
Neville Kevin Whately
Bomber Pat Roach
Moxey Christopher Fairbank
Wyman Noel Clarke
Jeffrey Grainger Bill Nighy
Brenda Hope Julia Tobin
Joe Saugus Gordon Tootoosis
Mickey Startup Michael Angelis
Chip Saugus Jon Proudstar
Director Paul Seed
Writer Franc Roddam
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