The Eschatology of Our Present

Series 5 - Episode 5 The Eschatology of Our Present



Beka meets a man whom she recognises as her father, but realises for that to be true she must have existed in more than one place at a time.

Cast & Crew

Capt Dylan Hunt Kevin Sorbo
Beka Valentine Lisa Ryder
Seamus Harper Gordon Michael Woolvett
Telemachus Rhade Steve Bacic
Trance Gemini Laura Bertram
Andromeda Ascendant Lexa Doig
Doyle Brandy Ledford
Young Beka Jianna Ballard
Virgil Fox (voice) Jim Byrnes
Rbarton Noah Danby
Avineri Don S Davis
Rbarton guard Phillip Mitchell
Director Richard Flower
Writer Larry Barber
Writer Paul Barber
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