Horizon: The Core

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Horizon: The Core

Series 48



We will never be able to dig to the earth’s core. We may be able to travel into space, but the pressures and temperatures under the Earth’s crust make it a no-go area for humans. But as this Horizon explains, that hasn’t stopped resourceful scientists finding other ways to explore the extreme strangeness of the deep, subterranean world.

Seismologists have used the echoes of earthquakes to work out that not only is there a swirling mass of liquid metal 4000 miles beneath our feet (which, by the way, creates the magnetic field that protects us from the solar wind) but also in the midst of that is a solid metal ball the size of the moon, covered in a forest of vast crystals. How they worked all this out is very clever and helps explain why the earth’s magnetic field will probably, in the next few thousand years, reverse.


Documentary following the scientists conducting experiments that try to recreate the conditions in Earth's core, an area 4,000 miles below the surface where storms rage in a sea of white-hot metal and a giant forest of crystals occupies a space the size of the moon.

Cast & Crew

Director Tristan Quinn
Producer Tristan Quinn
Producer Aidan Laverty
Documentary Science