The Parents' Evening

Series 4 - Episode 4 The Parents' Evening



It’s the usual deal: as the Brockman parents flounder in a mire of uncertainty (largely of their own making), their children find fresh ways to embarrass them.

Occasionally, you wish Sue and Pete would stop being so feeble, but that’s the point: they’re trapped by their own niceness, forever circling in over-anxious little middle-class loops. So when they get wind of some drug dealing at Jake and Ben’s school, they’re not sure whether to make an accusation or – given that the tip-off comes courtesy of Ben – ignore it entirely.

Meanwhile, the biggest laughs come from Karen, who either gets the best lines or has a way of delivering them that upstages all-comers. Since her friend became a Catholic (to get into a better school), Karen is wondering if she should do the same. Sue points out that Karen has stopped believing in God. “But I only stopped believing in him because he was annoying me,” replies Karen with airy logic, before investigating Catholicism online. “Hmmm, lots of candles and lovely spangly costumes...” She likes what she sees.


Ben's school parents' evening takes an unexpected turn when he begins discussing muggers, dangerous chemicals and re-enactments of the Great Plague. Karen tries to decide which religion she would like to lead, while Sue still believes Jake is hiding something. Comedy, starring Daniel Roche and Ramona Marquez.

Cast & Crew

Pete Hugh Dennis
Sue Claire Skinner
Jake Tyger Drew-Honey
Ben Daniel Roche
Karen Ramona Marquez
Mr Hunslet David Troughton
Jenny Caroline Langrishe
Martin Adrian Lukis
Mr Blain Bill Thomas
Miss Hartson Lorna Brown
Mrs Crilly Lucy Porter
Director Andy Hamilton
Director Guy Jenkin
Producer Andy Hamilton
Producer Guy Jenkin
Writer Andy Hamilton
Writer Guy Jenkin
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