Jo Brand's Big Splash

Jo Brand's Big Splash

Series 1 - Episode 1



“I got 8.6 on the Richter scale,” quips Jo Brand, as wry and self-deprecating as ever, recollecting a school diving competition. As a matter of fact, the comedian is a keen swimmer and in this series gamely attempts wild bathing, white-water rafting and even takes a turn as a “flusher” in a London sewer, with varying degrees of success and hilarity.

First, though, she auditions to be Olympic diver Blake Aldridge’s partner (his last was Tom Daly), teetering along a springboard in a demure polka-dot cossie. That’s a swim in the park compared to her next challenge: the annual Maldon Mud Race. Fellow stand-up Sean Lock joins in the mucky fun, but his victory hopes are dashed when Brand wallows grumpily in the gloop like a beached porpoise. Yet the gags keep coming.


The comedienne explores the relationship between the British and water, and dons a swimsuit with a special pocket for her cigarettes to take on some wet challenges. In this edition, she invites Sean Lock to join her in an extremely muddy race.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Jo Brand
Contributor Sean Lock