An Idiot Abroad 2: Desert Island

An Idiot Abroad 2: Desert Island

Series 2



You have to feel sorry for Karl Pilkington. All the archetypal little Englander wants is an easy, comfortable life but instead he gets Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais sending him off to do dangerous things in inhospitable locations, so they can laugh at his outraged knee-jerk reactions. It’s the modern equivalent of viewing the lunatics at Bedlam.

For this series, Merchant and Gervais have drawn up a “bucket list” of 100 things that they want Karl to try. As he points out, it’s a list of 100 things other people want to do before they die. Despite choosing the safe option of staying on a private desert island, he’s hijacked en route to the South Pacific and forced to try bungee jumping. Teetering on a platform high above a New Zealand gorge, he decides he doesn’t like it. Which is what you can say about most of his experiences – as he admits, he’s happiest when moaning.


Karl Pilkington visits destinations on his `bucket list', trying new experiences including swimming with dolphins and driving along America's renowned Route 66. In the first edition, he spends a night on a private island in Vanuatu in the South Pacific, attempting bungee jumping and meeting a Prince Philip-worshipping tribe.

Cast & Crew

Host Karl Pilkington
Contributor Stephen Merchant
Contributor Ricky Gervais