Code Breaker

Series 1 - Episode 12 Code Breaker



Peter forces Stiles to help track down Derek and even offers Stiles the same bite he administered to Scott, someone else he is seeking. Chris wants to find Scott too, since he will lead them to the Alpha, but the twisted and sadistic Kate knows that her new protegee Allison is the only one who can actually lure Scott out. The wolves and hunters clash in the forest, with Allison convinced that the innocent young werewolf - her own boyfriend - must die. Crystal Reed and Tyler Posey star.

Cast & Crew

Scott McCall Tyler Posey
Allison Argent Crystal Reed
Stiles Stilinski Dylan O'Brien
Derek Hale Tyler Hoechlin
Lydia Martin Holland Roden
Jackson Whittemore Colton Haynes
Sheriff Stilinski Linden Ashby
Chris Argent JR Bourne
Victoria Argent Eaddy Mays
Kate Argent Jill Wagner
Peter Hale Ian Bohen
Mr Martin Jeff Rose
Natalie Martin Susan Walters
Director Russell Mulcahy
Executive Producer Marty Adelstein
Executive Producer Keith Birkfeld
Executive Producer Tony DiSanto
Executive Producer Rene Echevarria
Executive Producer Christopher Ottinger
Executive Producer Liz Gately
Executive Producer Michael Thorn
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