Series 8 - Episode 4 Roadrunners



A disabled man is stoned to death in a remote town in Utah. Scully heads off to investigate the case alone, leaving a disgruntled Doggett behind, only to end up stranded. Strange rituals and a man with a strange wound on his back leave her convinced something unnatural is going on - a suspicion confirmed when she falls victim to a bizarre religious cult whose members worship a parasitic organism.

Cast & Crew

Dana Scully Gillian Anderson
John Doggett Robert Patrick
Hank Gulatarski David Barry Gray
Agent Mayfield Todd Jeffries
Sheriff Ciolino Conor O'Farrell
Mr Milsap Lawrence Pressman
Cult killer Hilary Rose Zalman
Disabled man Bryan Dilbeck
Bible study leader Jim Hetz
Director Rod Hardy
Writer Vince Gilligan
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