Sharpe's Peril - Part Two

Series 7 - Episode 2 Sharpe's Peril - Part Two



Conclusion. The swashbuckling hero is captured by Dragomirov, the mastermind behind the opium-trafficking ring. With Harper in charge of the convoy, Sharpe makes an escape with Marie-Angelique, but they are forced to take refuge in a small village. As the enemy approaches with a cavalry and artillery, the ragtag troops and local Indian farmers must be trained to fight. Sean Bean, Daragh O'Malley and Beatrice Rosen star.

Cast & Crew

Lt Col Richard Sharpe Sean Bean
Sergeant Major Patrick Harper Daragh O'Malley
Col Dragomirov Velibor Topic
Daffadar Kapoor Deepak Jethi
Marie-Angelique Bonnet Beatrice Rosen
Havildar Sameer Vidhate
Viscount Sedgefield David Henry
Rev Watkin Jonathan Moore
Major Tredinnick David Robb
Lance Naik Singh Raza Jaffrey
Mrs Tredinnick Caroline Carver
Pt Croop Jonathan Coyne
Dhara Himani Malhotra
Deever Chucky Venn
Quilter Ryan Pope
Colour Sgt Wormwood Steve Speirs
Ensign Percival Beauclere Luke Ward-Wilkinson
Maharani Padmini Nandana Sen
Subedar Pillai Rajesh Khatter
Corp Barabbas Hakeswill Amit Behl
Sir Henry Simmerson Michael Cochrane
Major Joubert Pascal Langdale
Padme Payal Ghosh
Chitu Ulhas Tayde
Little girl Freyanshi Manoj Punamiya
Director Tom Clegg
Executive Producer Stuart Sutherland
Producer Malcolm Craddock
Producer Muir Sutherland
Writer Russell Lewis
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