Town with Nicholas Crane


Episode 4 Totnes



The upbeat series about urban renewal concludes in south Devon. Totnes is a town in transition, a place that plunders its past for inspiration. A thousand years ago the Saxon burgh was minting its own coins, and today it circulates home-grown pounds in a bid to boost local trade.

Canoeing up the Dart, as he once did as a teen, Nicholas Crane embarks not only on a somewhat strained Conradian metaphor but also a mission to discover how Totnes has responded to adversity. He now finds a haven of sustainable living, bristling with solar panels, organic farm shops and green-friendly imports.

What steers Town away from tourist-information-film blandness is an overarching theme about community life, and Crane’s keen-as-mustard approach. No word yet on when the series will return.


Geographer and adventurer Nicholas Crane concludes his tour in Totnes, Devon, one of the oldest towns in England. In addition to visiting the home of one of the most significant social experiments of the 20th century, he learns about an ambitious idea aimed at changing urban life for ever.
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