Hotel Babylon

Series 3 - Episode 7



A TV chat show host brings a prostitute to the hotel, causing Tony's father-instinct to kick in when he discovers she is just 15. Anna and Ben compete to attract the attentions of a famous illusionist, and with the restaurant now a roaring success, James has to hire more staff - which puts Gino's nose out of joint. Guest starring Steven Pinder and David Schneider.

Cast & Crew

Tony Casemore Dexter Fletcher
Anna Thornton-Wilton Emma Pierson
Jack Harrison Lee Williams
Emily James Alexandra Moen
Gino Primirola Martin Marquez
James Schofield Raymond Coulthard
Ben Trueman Michael Obiora
Tanya Mihajlov Danira Govic
Mei Sophie Wu
Chloe McCourt Loo Brealey
Dan Black David Schneider
Eddie Palmer Steven Pinder
Jiang Dan Li
Director Sam Miller
Producer Polly Williams
Writer Andrew Rattenbury
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