Law & Order: Criminal Intent


Series 4 - Episode 19 Beast



Goren and Eames investigate a woman's death by poisoning, and learn her dentist husband believed she was having an affair - and may have had the knowledge to mix a toxin. However, further inquiries reveal the victim had a friend whose sister died of the same condition, bringing another suspect to light.

Cast & Crew

Det Robert Goren Vincent D'Onofrio
Det Alexandra Eames Kathryn Erbe
Capt James Deakins Jamey Sheridan
ADA Ron Carver Courtney B Vance
Dr Elizabeth Rodgers Leslie Hendrix
Mr Belkin Nathan Dean
Colleen Dexler Katie MacNichol
Lisa Vanston Ross Elizabeth Hobgood
Joanne Dexler Celia Weston
Dr Greg Ross Bronson Pinchot
Adam Riggins Stephen Barker Turner
Mike Vanston Cullen O Johnson
Carol Vanston Karen Shallo
Dr Braden John Braden
Dr Amy Cantello Carla Harting
Director Frank Prinzi
Executive Producer Rene Balcer
Executive Producer Fred Berner
Executive Producer Peter Jankowski
Writer Gina Gionfriddo
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