Law & Order: Criminal Intent


Series 6 - Episode 18 Silencer



Goren and Eames investigate the murder of a surgeon who provided deaf patients with controversial cochlear implants. After ruling out the involvement of a rival doctor, the detectives suspect a radical deaf playwright may be responsible for the crime. Vincent D'Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe star.

Cast & Crew

Det Robert Goren Vincent D'Onofrio
Det Alexandra Eames Kathryn Erbe
Capt Danny Ross Eric Bogosian
Det Ozzie Rivera Howard W Overshown
Det Peter Lyons Bill O'Brien
Dr Strauss Timothy Carhart
Tommy Kellerman Garrett Zuercher
ADA Claudia Shankly Bridget Regan
Dean Price Deanne Bray
Larry Forseca Darren Frazier
Daniel Price Jon Ecklund
Dr Jack Mallory Jack MacGruder
Ron Barrett Michael Quinlan
Heyward Fern Willy Conley
Judge Tamara Kingston Lynda Gravatt
Antonio Raynor Scheine
DeeDee Hillary Baack
Jared Josh Heine
Director Dean White
Writer Marygrace O'Shea
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