Who's Who in Neverland?

Series 1 - Episode 2 Who's Who in Neverland?

Monday 2:55pm - 3:55pm ITV4
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Tuesday, 10:45am - 11:50am ITV4


A woman's death, apparently from natural causes, arouses Quincy's suspicion - especially as she was about to publish a kiss-and-tell book about her high-society acquaintances. The investigation leads to a possible link with a murdered literary agent in New York and a race to perform an autopsy on him before he is cremated. Jack Klugman and Garry Walberg star.

Cast & Crew

Dr Quincy Jack Klugman
Dr Robert Asten John S Ragin
Sam Fujiyama Robert Ito
Danny Tovo Val Bisoglio
Lt Frank Monahan Garry Walberg
Sgt Brill Joseph Roman
Lynn Dressler Carol Lynley
Mrs Ellis Phyllis Newman
Claire Garner Dina Merrill
Director Steven Hilliard Stern
Writer Michael Kozoll
Writer Richard M Powell
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