Mr Monk Goes to Group Therapy

Series 8 - Episode 8 Mr Monk Goes to Group Therapy



Adrian is forced to attend group therapy sessions after his insurance company changes his policy - and the sleuth discovers his fellow attendees are being killed off one by one. However, his attempts to investigate the mysterious murders are hampered by old adversary Harold Krenshaw. Guest starring Amy Aquino (ER), with Tony Shalhoub and Tim Bagley.

Cast & Crew

Adrian Monk Tony Shalhoub
Natalie Teeger Traylor Howard
Lt Randall Disher Jason Gray-Stanford
Capt Leland Stottlemeyer Ted Levine
Dr Neven Bell Hector Elizondo
Harold Krenshaw Tim Bagley
Rhonda Amy Aquino
Augie Wellman Brad Grunberg
Barbara O'Keefe Joelle Carter
Xavier Danko Karl Makinen
Lt Dylan Mike Rock
Director Anton Cropper
Executive Producer Andy Breckman
Executive Producer David Hoberman
Executive Producer Tom Scharpling
Executive Producer Tony Shalhoub
Executive Producer Randy Zisk
Producer Scott Collins
Producer Antony Santa Croce
Writer Joe Ventura
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