Cherry's Cash Dilemmas

Cherry's Cash Dilemmas


Cherry Healey ponders modern women’s thorny relationship with money. Esma forks out hundreds of pounds dolling herself up for a night out (fake tan and nails, hair extensions, enough makeup to sink a yacht) before prowling nightclubs in search of a flush footballer. Then there’s the aristocrat who dated Kevin Costner and counted Liz Hurley among her bosom pals, but now lives in a council house; and a “freegan” who survives on less than a pound a day by scavenging for food in rubbish bins.

These are obviously extreme examples and easy to gawp at, yet it’s the answers to Healey’s gentle questions that are truly compelling.


Cherry Healey explores the spending habits of Britain's women, investigating how financially independent they really are. Among those she meets are a girl on a mission to find herself a rich husband, and a `freegan' who eats from bins.