Island at War

Series 1 - Episode 2



James and Felicity's son Philip is sent back to the island on a secret mission for the British Army, but when he and his comrade Eugene are left without an escape route, they are forced to hide from the Germans in the loft of the Jonases' farmhouse. Meanwhile, the islanders re-open their businesses for the first time since the invasion but Cassie struggles to cope with serving the enemy. Baron von Rheingarten is given a tour of the island and stuns James by deciding to move into the Dorr family home. James Wilby, Sam Heughan and Philip Glenister star.

Cast & Crew

Felicity Dorr Clare Holman
James Dorr James Wilby
Cassie Mahy Saskia Reeves
Angelique Mahy Joanne Froggatt
June Mahy Samantha Robinson
Phillip Dorr Sam Heughan
Eugene La Salle Richard Dempsey
Undertaker Mark Stratton
Margaret Caroline Strong
Vicar Stephen Mallatratt
Sheldon Levaque Sean Gallagher
Landser 1 (Funeral) Ryan Ellsworth
Landser 2 (Funeral) Ralph Gassmann
Baron Von Rheingarten Philip Glenister
Capt Muller Daniel Flynn
Leutnant Walker Conor Mullen
Delphine Sarah Kirkman
Kathleen Jonas Julia Ford
Ada Ann Rye
Officer (Camera) Bill Champion
Wilf Jonas Owen Teale
Bernhardt Telleman Laurence Fox
Landser 3 (Photo Shop) Cyriack Stevenson
Landser 4 (Photo Shop) Leigh Jones
Louisa Clein Zelda Kay
Francis La Palotte Benjamin Whitrow
Oberleutnant Flach Andrew Havill
Director Thaddeus O'Sullivan
Director Peter Lydon
Executive Producer Sita Williams
Producer John Rushton
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