My Waste of Time

Series 7 - Episode 10 My Waste of Time



Carla and Turk consider having a second baby, and after spending time together treating a former patient, JD and Elliot realise the nature of their relationship has changed. Meanwhile, Dr Cox struggles to come to terms with his new job title. Donald Faison, Judy Reyes and Zach Braff star.

Cast & Crew

Dr John `JD' Dorian Zach Braff
Dr Chris Turk Donald Faison
Dr Bob Kelso Ken Jenkins
Dr Perry Cox John C McGinley
Nurse Carla Espinosa Judy Reyes
The Janitor Neil Flynn
Dr Elliot Reid Sarah Chalke
Ted Buckland Sam Lloyd
Jordan Sullivan Christa Miller Lawrence
Dr Doug Murphy Johnny Kastl
Director Chris Koch
Writer Andrew Schwartz
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