A Human Reaction

Series 1 - Episode 15 A Human Reaction



Pilot finds a wormhole leading to Earth, and Crichton heads for home, only to find everyone is strangely hostile. When the rest of the crew members follow him, they are quickly abducted and subjected to a series of experiments. Sci-fi drama, starring Ben Browder and Claudia Black.

Cast & Crew

John Crichton Ben Browder
Aeryn Sun Claudia Black
Ka D'Argo Anthony Simcoe
Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan Virginia Hey
Chiana Gigi Edgley
Pilot Sean Masterson
Rygel XVI Jonathan Hardy
Capt Crais Lani John Tupu
Jack Crichton Kent McCord
Wilson Phillip Gordon
Cobb Richard Sydenham
Director Rowan Woods
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