Series 1 - Episode 1 Premiere



Astronaut John Crichton sets out on a routine test flight, but his ship is sucked through a wormhole to another galaxy, and emerges in the middle of a space battle where he falls in with a band of rebellious prisoners. First episode of the sci-fi drama, starring Ben Browder and Claudia Black.

Cast & Crew

John Crichton Ben Browder
Aeryn Sun Claudia Black
Ka D'Argo Anthony Simcoe
Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan Virginia Hey
Pilot Sean Masterson
Rygel XVI Jonathan Hardy
Capt Crais Lani Tupu
Jack Crichton Kent McCord
DK Murray Bartlett
Lt Teeg Christine Stephen-Daly
Bio isolation man Damen Stephenson
Director Andrew Prowse
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