Town with Nicholas Crane


Episode 3 Perth



When is a city not a city? When it’s Perth. Inhabitants of this gateway to the Highlands certainly think it’s important enough, but Perth lost its city status in 1975. Looking like a lost member of the Proclaimers, Nicholas Crane wanders through snow-lined vennels and peers from rooftops to explore the town’s identity crisis.

It’s a slightly meandering journey, but there are interesting ports of call about flood defences and a “sinking” church. On his travels the have-a-go geographer becomes a bin man, a town planner and a canoeist. He’s rapidly becoming the Mr Benn of factual television.


Geographer and adventurer Nicholas Crane continues his tour of Great Britain's urbanised areas with a visit to Perth. A royal burgh since 1124, the city survived a regicide within its walls and was rebuilt after devastating floods.
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