Series 8 - Episode 14



The pill-popping, violent benefit fraudsters of the Chatsworth estate return in glorious, grand guignol style.

It feels like a missed trick that Frank’s rambling opening monologue doesn’t offer his unique perspective on the 2011 Manchester riots – especially as half of it takes place next to a burning car – but I’m sure he’d reach the same conclusion he does every week: party!

However, David Threlfall has a more difficult task than simply offering a solution to Britain’s “broken society” – he has to imbue the repellent Frank with the inklings of a heart as he acts forlorn over the departure of his wife Libby. The final scene where Frank talks of love is almost touching. 


It is a dark day on the Chatsworth estate when Paddy is delivered in a coffin, and as the residents grieve, Let dares Aide to take a photo of the body - but they are in for a shock. Meanwhile, Karen sets up a children's entertainment business and Patty tackles Mimi about disabled access in the Jockey.