Dragons' Den

Series 9 - Episode 5



Topping and tailing this episode are joggers who have thought of a way to revolutionise leaflet distribution and a couple who haven’t thought of a way to revolutionise pantomimes – and do a theatrical pitch that goes on and on without telling the dragons anything. Yet Peter Jones says it’s “visually the best we’ve ever had”. Tip for future applicants: bring a wand and some sparkly slippers.

But the most memorable product is a portable toilet, in the form of a folding stool with a hole in the seat and a bin bag provided. Something for the discerning camper who doesn’t mind excreting into a bag, but isn’t willing to hover.


Two business partners turn the Den into a makeshift theatre, hoping to get the Dragons to invest in their pantomime company. Another entrepreneur seems more interested in regaling them with a story about growing up in South Africa than providing a sound business plan for his garden-furniture pitch. Hilary Devey, Peter Jones, Theo Paphitis, Deborah Meaden and Duncan Bannatyne also meet two joggers with an idea for a fast-paced delivery service and a mother who thinks she has a solution to outdoor toilet needs.