Voices of the Sea

Series 1 - Episode 3 Voices of the Sea

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Watching programmes about lovely, graceful marine mammals, you can easily slip into a dazed state, only to be shaken alert, in this case, by staggering facts in the narration.

Introducing the Amazon river dolphin, Stephen Fry informs us that the dolphins living in a tributary of the Rio Negro benefit from the fact that in the wet season it bursts its banks to submerge an area of forest the size of France. As we know, the time-honoured unit for such things is an area the size of Wales, so this must be very large indeed.

Elsewhere we learn about dancing dolphins, cunning killer whales and sperm whales’ incredible “sonic laser”.


Stephen Fry narrates this documentary exploring the vocal ranges of marine mammals. Sperm whales produce clicks to locate giant squid two miles beneath the ocean surface, and narwhals use a similar technique to find breathing holes in Arctic ice floes. Bottlenose dolphins communicate with fishermen in Brazil, humpbacks offer haunting operatic performances and boto dolphins create bat-like ultrasonic calls to help find fish in the murky Amazon River.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Stephen Fry
Editor Mike Gunton
Executive Producer Sara Ford
Producer Phil Chapman
Series Producer Phil Chapman
Series Producer Mark Brownlow
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