June 1842

Series 1 - Episode 1 June 1842



If you want to while away a lazy afternoon, then this is for you – Heidi (Call the Midwife) Thomas’s lovely 2007 adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell’s sharp social satire centred on the ladies of a 19th-century Cheshire town.

Judi Dench is the kind and thoughtful Miss Matty, who lives a genteel middle-class life with her much tougher sister Deborah (Eileen Atkins), where they form the backbone of a little group of gossiping spinsters who observe and comment on the comings and goings of Cranford.


Change is on the way to the sleepy market town of Cranford as the railway pushes out from Manchester, but many of the female residents are more excited about the arrival of the handsome new doctor, Frank Harrison. Adapted by Heidi Thomas, with an all-star cast including Judi Dench and Eileen Atkins, who was awarded a Bafta for her role as the authoritative Miss Deborah Jenkyns.

Cast & Crew

Miss Matty Jenkyns Judi Dench
Miss Deborah Jenkyns Eileen Atkins
Mr Carter Philip Glenister
Lady Ludlow Francesca Annis
Miss Pole Imelda Staunton
Mrs Forrester Julia McKenzie
Jessie Brown Julia Sawalha
Sir Charles Maulver Greg Wise
Mrs Rose Lesley Manville
Mrs Jamieson Barbara Flynn
Miss Tomkinson Deborah Findlay
Dr Frank Harrison Simon Woods
Rev Hutton Alex Jennings
Captain Brown Jim Carter
Miss Galindo Emma Fielding
Mary Smith Lisa Dillon
Sophy Hutton Kimberley Nixon
Jem Hearne Andrew Buchan
Dr Morgan John Bowe
Harry Gregson Alex Etel
Martha Claudie Blakley
Caroline Tomkinson Selina Griffiths
Mr Johnson Adrian Scarborough
Bella Gregson Emma Lowndes
Bertha Hannah Hobley
Lizzie Hutton Rosy Byrne
Helen Hutton Hester Odgers
Walter Hutton Haydon Downing
Malachi Gregson Andrew Byrne
Margaret Gidman Bessie Carter
Director Simon Curtis
Executive Producer Kate Harwood
Producer Sue Birtwistle
Producer Susie Conklin
Writer Heidi Thomas
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