Charlie Bravo

Series 4 - Episode 3 Charlie Bravo



The team arrives in Colombia to train local soldiers for an attack on a cocaine factory. The assignment goes badly, and when the professionals realise their rookies have no chance of success, their only option is to carry out the raid themselves. However, on arrival at the plant, it is clear the workers are expecting an attack. Ross Kemp stars.

Cast & Crew

Sgt Henry `Henno' Garvie Ross Kemp
Col Aidan Dempsey Miles Anderson
Cpl Louis Hoffman Christopher Fox
Becca Gallagher Heather Peace
Dave Woolston Louis Decosta Johnson
Capt Patrick Fleming Sam Callis
Finn Younger Jamie Michie
Almonte-Pena Joe Fererra
Mejia George Rossi
Ernesto Will Norris
Thirsty Mark Arden
Dieter Jasper Jacob
Miguel Roberto Viana
Juan Simon Kassianides
Guggenheim Matthew Earley
Santa Rosa Sebastian Knapp
Emilio Cristian Cardenas
Jose Francisco Labbe
Mrs Guggenheim Flaminia Cinque
Receptionist Marcos D'Cruze
Boss Russell Levy
Police officer David Verrey
Passport control officer Vincent Carmichael
Mrs Hoffman Flip Webster
Colombian Ramon Chamadora
Colombian Andres Ortiz
Director Richard Holthouse
Writer Rob Heyland
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