Mad Dogs

Series 2 - Episode 2 Mad Dogs



Tough new commander Captain Ian Macalwain takes over from Dotsy, and immediately antagonises the men by expecting them to salute and call him `sir'. Dempsey pressures Jamie to uphold the regiment's honour at an official inquiry into the gun battle aboard the Dowager Joan, while Henno is shocked to discover how Caroline really sustained her injuries. Drama, starring Ross Kemp and Jamie Draven.

Cast & Crew

Sgt Henry `Henno' Garvie Ross Kemp
Capt Ian Macalwain Richard Armitage
Col Aidan Dempsey Miles Anderson
Cpl Jamie Dow Jamie Draven
Sgt Pete Twamley Tony Curran
Cpl Ricky Mann Danny Sapani
Capt Caroline Walshe Alex Reid
Cpl Jem `Jembo' Poynton Elliot Cowan
Lt Dotsy Doheny Jamie Bamber
Cpl Louis Hoffman Christopher Fox
Pru Banks Lucy Akhurst
Willem Montagne Peter Vollebregt
LeCompte Pascal Langdale
General Harkin Donald Sumpter
Director Tom Clegg
Writer Rob Heyland
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