Fraud Squad

Series 1 - Episode 1



A sweet, very frail 91-year-old man talks to a kindly police officer about the bullying high-pressure telephone conmen who have milked him of his £142,000 life savings. The money was to be used for the care of his disabled wife, but the men who sold him fake share certificates have taken it all.

These scammers are remorseless and call while the police officer and the cameras are present, belabouring the victim, insisting he part with more money. Such vulnerable pensioners are easy targets for callous so-called “boiler room” rackets, and this gripping documentary follows police as they break up one such Spain-based operation.

Without diminishing in any way the seriousness of the subject, Fraud Squad feels almost like a thriller as officers from the City of London police’s economic crime department carefully target, then pursue a gang led by Nigerian immigrant George Abrue. The rewards are enormous, running into millions funding lavish lifestyles. Retribution, when it comes, as police knock on a series of doors on chilly mornings, is sweetly satisfying.


Part one of two. The investigation into one of Britain's biggest share frauds, following detectives hoping to recover £20million stolen from victims as they hunt for the Nigerian ringleader, 30-year-old George Abrue. Over the course of 18 months, officers discover Abrue has numerous false identities, launders his cash with the help of corrupt bankers and has criminals working for him across Europe to fuel his lavish lifestyle. Narrated by Richard Armitage.