Secrets of Stonehenge

Secrets of Stonehenge


Don’t be put off by the lugubrious commentary; this is actually a thoroughly fascinating documentary exploring current ideas about the how, what and why of Stonehenge. There are almost as many theories about its construction and purpose as there are stones themselves, but some of those shown here are quite pleasing.

Particularly intriguing is the idea that the structure is “a meeting place to connect with the ancestors”, proffered by an archaeologist from Madagascar. Or the suggestion that carved stone balls might have been used like ball bearings to transport the stones on wooden rails.

One nice detail: 5,000 years ago, antler picks were used to dig the chalk to build the banks surrounding the stone circles; today the main tools on site appear to be dessertspoons and tin foil.


Researchers explore a dig site to investigate the cryptic origins of the stone circle that has mystified mankind for thousands of years.