Mount Pleasant

Series 1 - Episode 1



Fairly happily married Lisa (Sally Lindsay) lives in suburban Manchester close to her nearest and dearest. She can barely pucker her lips for a kiss from hubby Dan (Daniel Ryan), let alone roll up her sleeves for a scrap with him, without her dotty parents, airhead best mate or brassy boss interrupting.

It’s like an upmarket Shameless – on which writer Sarah Hooper cut her teeth – but the characters are even broader. Still, this first episode rattles along pleasantly enough, as a paranoid Lisa frets that Dan has forgotten their tenth anniversary. It’s when her boss temporarily moves in, having chucked a feckless boyfriend, that the fun and games really begin.


Comedy drama set in a Manchester cul-de-sac, starring Sally Lindsay and Daniel Ryan as couple Lisa and Dan, who have numerous people vying for their affections. In the first episode, singleton Jack arrives and makes an impression on Lisa.

Cast & Crew

Lisa Sally Lindsay
Dan Daniel Ryan
Sue Pauline Collins
Barry Bobby Ball
Bianca Sian Reeves
Kate Liza Tarbuck
Jack Owen McConnell
Shelley Angela Griffin
Denise Ainsley Howard
Executive Producer Sophie Clarke-Jervoise
Writer Sarah Hooper
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