Friends and Enemies

Series 4 - Episode 1 Friends and Enemies



We’re so used to seeing ex-spy Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) either grinning toothily or looking stoic that it’s strange to find him finally losing his cool as he negotiates his way back to Miami. He’s got a lot of apologies to make, to Fi and Sam, whom he left holding the fort, and particularly to his mum, who’s learnt some nasty things about her son since he’s been away. Now he’s entered a complicated partnership with his new “friend”, Vaughn, and he’s also helping a geeky lawyer (Mad Men’s Rich Sommer) evade some serious Florida bikers.

Business as usual for the sleek action drama at the start of the fourth series, with nice scenery, good guests (including a burly Michael Ironside) and probably the smartest narration on TV: “If the people holding you have pricey antiques or $1,200 shoes, they’re probably not a government agency”.


Michael is drawn into a dubious alliance with a man named Vaughn in an effort to prevent an impending terrorist attack. He also lends a hand to Sam and Fiona, who are investigating the activities of a lawless gang of bikers.

Cast & Crew

Michael Westen Jeffrey Donovan
Fiona Glenanne Gabrielle Anwar
Sam Axe Bruce Campbell
Jesse Porter Coby Bell
Madeline Westen Sharon Gless
Gregory Hart Michael Ironside
Director Tim Matheson
Writer Matt Nix
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