The Fairy Godparents Job

Series 2 - Episode 4 The Fairy Godparents Job



The team traces a corrupt fund manager's hidden loot to his apartment, but has to find a way of getting him to flout his house arrest conditions and leave his home in order to recoup the funds that he stole from a medical charity. Nate steps into the breach by posing as the headmaster of the banker's stepson. Timothy Hutton stars.

Cast & Crew

Eliot Spencer Christian Kane
Nathan Ford Timothy Hutton
Sophie Devereaux Gina Bellman
Parker Beth Riesgraf
Alec Hardison Aldis Hodge
FBI Agent Taggert Rick Overton
FBI Agent McSweeten Gerald Downey
Mark Sanford Richard Topping
Widmark Fowler Alex Mentzel
Director Jonathan Frakes
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