Holiday Hijack

Series 1 - Episode 2



Taking people out of their comfort zone. It’s what reality TV shows do. But if the people involved refuse to be discomfited, you’re left with non-drama. This week four holidaymakers who make no secret of how pampered and pernickety they are go on a free trip to the Maldives – until a local man called Zuba takes them away from the paradise-like resort to his home on a neighbouring island. At this point the programme-makers probably hoped that the pampered Brits would freak out or weep with misery, instead of which they muck in admirably with the locals and are very good-natured about the whole thing, admitting to being “ashamed” of their previous ignorance. Well done them.


Four British travellers arrive in the Maldives expecting a luxury holiday - but are instead taken to live and work alongside a local family on an island that services the region's luxury resorts. The visitors experience the demanding manual labour that goes into maintaining the tourist trade, and are shocked to discover its impact on the local environment.

Cast & Crew

Director Lee Phillips
Executive Producer Paula Trafford
Producer Lee Phillips