Grand Designs Australia

Grand Designs Australia

Series 1 - Episode 4



You know how the original, British version of Grand Designs makes you sick with envy at the stupendous beauty and location of some of the properties? Well, the Australian version is just the same. Take tonight, where couple Patrick and Julie spend $1.6 million on an old house on a sloping piece of land.

The aged, asbestos-riddled property is quickly disposed of, because that’s not what Patrick and Julie paid for. No, they spent all of that money on the incredible sea views in Clovelly, a beachside suburb of Sydney.

The pair decide they want something modern that can be erected quickly. So they opt for a pre-fab home to be built off site (in Melbourne), then slotted into place by crane. It’s a huge undertaking, as the pre-fab “pods” have to be driven on trucks to Sydney. But the results
are breathtaking.


Professional couple Julie and Patrick Eltridge try to build a home on the site of a 1950s house in Clovelly, a beachside suburb of Sydney. To save time, they plan to construct the new property using a set of custom-built pre-fabricated modules - but with Patrick frequently overseas on business, it is left to Julie to co-ordinate the complicated operation by herself.