Death and Venice - Part One

Series 1 - Episode 9 Death and Venice - Part One



Part one of two. An ailing American millionaire becomes obsessed with saving the art treasures of a slowly sinking Venice and his granddaughter hires Lovejoy to help in the quest. However, as soon as the roguish dealer arrives, he becomes embroiled in a murder. Drama, starring Ian McShane and Dudley Sutton.

Cast & Crew

Lovejoy Ian McShane
Lady Jane Felsham Phyllis Logan
Tinker Dill Dudley Sutton
Eric Catchpole Chris Jury
Charlie Gimbert Malcolm Tierney
Pinder Alexander Knox
Caterina Gwen Humble
Cosima Haydn Gwynne
Nancy Alibe Parsons
Gerry Albert Welling
Keith Steven Pacey
Director Baz Taylor
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