Fair Exchange

Series 6 - Episode 1 Fair Exchange



Charlotte buys an 18th-century portrait at auction, but on returning home is attacked by a robber, who steals the prestigious item. Looking out the window, she sees Lovejoy's pick-up speeding away. When quizzed, the dealer finds the events of that night difficult to recall as he had been seriously inebriated. Ian McShane and Caroline Langrishe star.

Cast & Crew

Lovejoy Ian McShane
Tinker Dill Dudley Sutton
Charlotte Cavendish Caroline Langrishe
Beth Taylor Diane Parish
Anna Tabor Joanna Kanska
Mark Tabor Clive Russell
Gordon Brian Protheroe
DC Hardwick Eric Deacon
Alan Tennyson Christian Burgess
Scotch Doogie Harry Jones
Mr Banner Bradley Lavelle
Director Richard Laxton
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