Series 7 - Episode 22 Requiem



Mulder and Scully return to the site of their first investigation together after being contacted by former alien abductee Billy Miles, who claims a UFO has crashed in the woods. As more abductions occur, the dying Cigarette Smoking Man recruits Krycek and Covarrubias to his cause, telling them that the crashed spacecraft offers the means to rebuild the conspiracy.

Cast & Crew

Fox Mulder David Duchovny
Dana Scully Gillian Anderson
Cigarette Smoking Man William B Davis
Alex Krycek Nicholas Lea
Marita Covarrubias Laurie Holden
Walter Skinner Mitch Pileggi
Melvin Frohike Tom Braidwood
John Fitzgerald Byers Bruce Harwood
Ringo Langly Dean Haglund
Bounty hunter Brian Thompson
Billy Miles Zachary Ansley
Director Kim Manners
Writer Chris Carter
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