The Corrie Years

The Firsts

Series 1 - Episode 2 The Firsts



With his lank hair and jam-jar specs, Curly Watts had a face that seemed tailor-made for tragedy. For 20 years, actor Kevin Kennedy elicited a huge amount of sympathy for the luckless bin man, so it’s no wonder he was entrusted with two milestones — the first hour-long episode and a two-hander with Sarah Lancashire to mark the millennium.

Here you can relive Curly’s emotional wedding to Raquel in 1995 and her request for a divorce four years later. There are more nuptials as transsexual Hayley marries Roy, while teenage Todd wrestles with his sexuality. Both highlight the Street’s skill at turning issue-led plotlines into deeply touching character studies.


Episodes of Coronation Street that have broken new ground over the past five decades, including the first live edition for nearly 40 years, the introduction of a transsexual character and a specially written hour-long show. Featuring interviews with Kevin Kennedy (Curly Watts), William Roache (Ken Barlow) and Alan Rothwell (David Barlow). Narrated by David Morrissey.
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