Chris Ryan's Strike Back

Chris Ryan's Strike Back

Series 1



A former British soldier is blamed for the assassination attempt on President Robert Mugabe's life in Harare, Zimbabwe. After news reports about the accused reach London, Collinson is tasked with silencing the would-be murderer, sending Porter undercover to a high-security prison where the criminal is being held. Once inside, he breaks the man out of jail, but is pursued by Colonel Tshuma's Elite Guard. Drama, guest starring David Harewood (Robin Hood) and Shaun Parkes (Harley Street).

Cast & Crew

John Porter Richard Armitage
Hugh Collinson Andrew Lincoln
Layla Thompson Jodhi May
James Middleton Colin Salmon
Dannii Prendiville Shelley Conn
Laura Greenwood Alexandra Porter
Colonel Tshuma David Harewood
Felix Masuku Shaun Parkes
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