Chris Ryan's Strike Back

Chris Ryan's Strike Back

Series 1



Porter hunts for kidnapped reporter Katie Dartmouth, locating the safe house where she is being kept, but he is also taken prisoner by the terrorists. With both facing execution, it is a race against the clock for Collinson and his team at Section 20 to find them. War drama, starring Richard Armitage, Andrew Lincoln, Orla Brady, Toby Stephens and Jodhi May.

Cast & Crew

John Porter Richard Armitage
Hugh Collinson Andrew Lincoln
Layla Thompson Jodhi May
James Middleton Colin Salmon
Dannii Prendiville Shelley Conn
Katie Dartmouth Orla Brady
Hakim Al Nazeri Dhafer L'LAbidine
Fenar Mohammed-Ali As'Lad
Nabil Elouahabi Massoud
Nicola Stephenson Diane Porter
Laura Greenwood Alexandra Porter
Cal MaCaninch Chris Pemberton
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