Tony Robinson: Down Under

Still Stroppy Beggars

Series 1 - Episode 6 Still Stroppy Beggars



It gets harder to make a history programme the closer it gets to contemporary life, so this final instalment of an excellent series, which ranges from 1914 onwards, may venture into sticky territory. Views on the UK are freely expressed, but attitudes to Aborigines and non-white immigration are more guarded. Robinson, though, will keep up the pace with his personal re-enactments of some of the quirkiest stories in Australian history.

The presenter is in his element, delivering decent analysis, mobilising locals and, in the process, pioneering a different kind of history show. The highlight promises to be his attempts to fly a re-creation of Australia’s first plane. If anyone can keep a show airborne, it’s the Time Team man.


The actor explores modern Australia, visiting the birthplace of cricket's Ashes and questioning prime minister Kevin Rudd about his heritage. Last in the series.