Art of Survival

Art of Survival

Series 1 - Episode 1



Two cellists, a soprano and painter have 40 days to travel 1,753 miles from Athens to Edinburgh relying only on their skills and money from passers-by. Classicists Li Lu and Lindsey are at loggerheads after a disastrous hitchhiking attempt, while cellist Janie and Johan (more used to scooping prizes than peanuts for his portraits) are worried about compromising their artistic integrity.

In Sky Arts’ first venture into low-budget travelogues - which might appear an odd move for a high-brow channel - the performances are a cut above the average busker. More interestingly, it also asks an age-old question at a time when it’s increasingly pressing: what value do we place on art?


Classical singer Lindsey Crow and cellist Li Lu compete against portrait artist Johan Andersson and musician Janie Price in a race from Athens to Edinburgh, financed only by the money they can make from selling their own art.

Cast & Crew

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