The Inspector Lynley Mysteries

The Seed of Cunning

Series 4 - Episode 3 The Seed of Cunning



Feature-length episode. When a doorkeeper at the House of Lords is murdered, Lynley and Havers believe the victim's gambling debts must have been the motive. When a clerk also dies, evidence of a wider conspiracy involving stolen papers is uncovered. The detectives locate the missing documents, but realise they are being followed and must catch the killer before someone beats them to it.

Cast & Crew

Det Insp Thomas Lynley Nathaniel Parker
Det Sgt Barbara Havers Sharon Small
Simon Featherstonehaugh Roger Allam
Black Rod John Standing
Geoffrey Crammond Clive Merrison
Tim Sadler Richard Henders
Letitia Gane Claudie Blakley
Christine Marshall Matilda Ziegler
David Thompson Gawn Grainger
Lafferty Paul Hickey
Pippa Featherstonehaugh Christine Kavanagh
Bob Tamworth Tony Haygarth
Joseph Frady Garrick Hagon
Marie Ramsey Janet Dale
Peter Bellamy David Mallinson
Steve Hugh Sachs
Martin Bo Poraj
Owen Kevin Dignam
Technician Pieter Lawman
Soco Officer Danny Babington
Eric Ramsey James Pearse
Digicam man Glyn Williams
Penny Sophie Bould
Director Jeremy Silberston
Producer Christopher Aird
Writer Mark Greig
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