Eric & Ernie

Eric & Ernie


You can warm your hands on the waves of affection that waft from writer Peter Bowker’s funny, sweet-natured look at the early years of our most beloved comic partnership, Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise, first shown in January 2011.

We follow the duo just before they hit the big time, from their first meeting when they were both child stars on the same bill, up to their first, disastrous television appearance: “Northern comedy just doesn’t play on television,” says a snitty BBC exec, before forcing the lads into a series of lame TV sketches.

The evolution of the surreally brilliant act that was to make them adored is nicely done, thanks to Bowker’s light touch and a smashing cast, particularly Daniel Rigby who won a Bafta as the genial but sharp-witted Eric, managing to look and sound like him without resorting to caricature. Bryan Dick is grafter Ernie, whose forbearance is often tested by his partner.


Drama charting the early years of one of Britain's best comedy double acts, focusing on the influence of Eric Morecambe's mother Sadie (Victoria Wood). A chance meeting on the children's variety circuit sees the start of an unlikely friendship and Eric soon becomes the funnyman to Ernie Wise's `feed'. But as they grow older, the duo struggle to make their way in mainstream entertainment with a few dubious tours and an ill-advised TV series that has the critics gunning for them. Daniel Rigby and Bryan Dick star as Eric and Ernie, with Jim Moir (better known to comedy fans as Vic Reeves) and Reece Shearsmith as their fathers.

Cast & Crew

Sadie Victoria Wood
Eric Daniel Rigby
Ernie Bryan Dick
George Jim Moir
Harry Wiseman Reece Shearsmith
Young Eric Jonah Lees
Young Ernie Harry McEntire
Little Eric Thomas Atkinson
Little Ernie Josh Benson
Joan Emer Kenny
Doreen Hannah Steele
Jack Hylton Ted Robbins
Gordon Noval Andrew Greenough
Ronnie Waldman Julian Wadham
Showgirl Esme Bianco
MC Thomas Aldersley
Edna Angela Curran
Vernon Stephen Aintree
Nigel Alex Price
Fishmonger Martin Walsh
Usherette Clara Darcy
Landlady Ria Jones
Lily Pam Shaw
Stage door keeper 1 Marcus Taylor
Stage door keeper 2 Simon Holland Roberts
Stage door keeper 3 Fine Time Fontayne
Stage door keeper 4 Lee Oakes
Doug Robert Willox
Billy Crackers Peter Gunn
Girl from Vasaria Carolynne Good
Heckler Ian Ross-Henderson
Director Jonny Campbell
Producer Timothy Bricknell
Writer Peter Bowker
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