Law & Order: UK


Series 5 - Episode 5 Intent



Brooks and Devlin are mystified by the murders of a popular couple who were stabbed to death while they slept. Lacking any leads to possible grievances held or enemies made, the detectives suspect a case of mistaken identity, and the previous owner of the house - a banker caught up in a hedge-fund scandal - emerges as the more likely target. Guest starring Samuel West.

Cast & Crew

Ronnie Brooks Bradley Walsh
Matt Devlin Jamie Bamber
Natalie Chandler Harriet Walter
Jacob Thorne Dominic Rowan
Alesha Phillips Freema Agyeman
Henry Sharpe Peter Davison
Lucas Boyd Samuel West
Margaret Rumsfield Jill Baker
Elizabeth Lerner Cara Horgan
Dr Roddy Armitage George Anton
Camilla Mallon Anna Wilson-Jones
Eleanor Annabel Mullion
Joy Ackroyd Nicola Sanderson
Josh Shelton Robert Beck
Judge Gillman Martin Turner
Marta Wanda Opalinska
Cathy Christie Sue Vincent
Bob Mitchell David Pullan
Barry Unger Andrew Forbes
Roger Leighton Richard Albrecht
Dr Hester Bligh Sophie Ward
Suzie Byers Helen Elizabeth
Repairman David Seymour
Uniformed officer Fiona Wade
Director Julian Holmes
Executive Producer Dick Wolf
Executive Producer Andrew Woodhead
Executive Producer Stephen Garrett
Executive Producer Jane Featherstone
Producer Richard Stokes
Writer Debbie O'Malley
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