Grand Designs Australia

Grand Designs Australia

Series 1 - Episode 5



If you have fond memories of the episode of Grand Designs that featured West Sussex woodman Ben Laws and his fabulous A-frame house — that the sainted Kevin McCloud subsequently described as his favourite build of the series — you’ll enjoy this Down Under episode.

This time it’s Trevor and Françoise Sullivan, who have been living in a shed beside Lake Bennett in rugged, tropical countryside with their children and assorted animals for well over a decade. Trevor’s a wood-carver, and is intent on building a windowless tree-house with the help of a few mates, but there are several obstacles — not least the harsh environment of the Northern Territories. Forget the odd spell of rain or snow that often dogs British Grand Designers: can Trevor get the roof secured before the cyclone season arrives?


Trevor and Francoise Sullivan try to construct a new home for their family near Lake Bennett, in the Northern Territory, and come up with a design for a cyclone-proof house shaped like an Australian 50-cent coin. With limited funds available, Trevor decides to take on the bulk of the construction work himself - including carving a central staircase from a paperbark tree.