Holiday Hijack

Series 1 - Episode 3



You can make someone shell prawns for hours or confine them to a hotel laundry washing barely used towels, but sometimes not even hard labour can change the mind-set of a Brit abroad. So we find with the majority of this quartet from Camberley in Surrey who have their lilos tipped over at a five-star Mexican resort.

A week spent press-ganged into work finds them toiling with the Mendez family in downtown Cancún. You can tell it’s not going to go well when Jenny bursts into tears after seeing her living conditions. She’s not crying at the thought of people having to graft unceasingly for scant reward, but because she has to for a mere seven days.


A group of friends jet off for what they believe will be a holiday at a five-star hotel in the Mexican tourist capital of Cancun. On arrival, their vacation is hijacked by local resident Irving, who takes them to stay with his family in a run-down area of the city, where he puts them to work doing menial tasks including clearing the hotel rubbish, washing in an industrial launderette and shelling prawns in a fish processing plant.

Cast & Crew

Director Leo McCrea
Executive Producer Paula Trafford
Producer Leo McCrea