The Sinister Prime Minister

Series 1 - Episode 1 The Sinister Prime Minister



The Prime Minister shocks the country by declaring World War Three, but the youngsters discover the evil Grand Master and disgraced scientist the Guinea Pig have replaced the leader with a cyber-clone.

Cast & Crew

Daisy Bel Powley
Blane Moustafa Chousein-Oglou
Rose Rachel Petladwala
Lenny Danny John-Jules
Mr Flatley Chris Stanton
Ms Templeman Jane Cameron
Stewart Critchley Scott Gibbons
Fifty Pence Sam Ardley
Kaleigh Leonie Boyd
Zara Bethany Denville
The Prime Minister Robert Llewellyn
The Guinea Pig Moya Brady
Dom Jackson Paul Orchard
Grand Master Kerry Shale
Giles (1st Brave kid) Cameron Neale
2nd Brave kid Tobias Saltman
Director Toby Haynes
Producer Kerry Appleyard
Writer Keith Brumpton
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