Just My Bill

Series 2 - Episode 1 Just My Bill



There’s precisely £3.28 left in Tom and Barbara’s bank account, but the rates are due so the pair are forced to think laterally and flog their huge surplus of home-grown fruit and veg to a restaurateur – a shiny man in a horrible frilly shirt. And talking of sartorial monstrosities, check out Margo’s terrible brown chiffon hostess gown.


Tom tries to market his garden produce, but finds it more difficult than he imagined - especially with the added pressure of paying the household rates. Richard Briers and Felicity Kendal star.

Cast & Crew

Barbara Good Felicity Kendal
Tom Good Richard Briers
Margo Leadbetter Penelope Keith
Jerry Leadbetter Paul Eddington
Restaurant manager Wolfe Morris
Woman Ruth Kettlewell
Van driver Blake Butler
Clerk Frank Gatliff
Producer John Howard Davies
Writer Bob Larbey
Writer John Esmonde
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