I Got a Right to Sing the Blues

Series 3 - Episode 6 I Got a Right to Sing the Blues



Blood spilt by the pint tonight, every which way. Before the opening titles we see a vampire staked – a rarity in True Blood, because involves a shelf of guts splashing sensationally onto the floor, which is hard to top.

This episode gives it a go, with an old-fashioned punch-up and some voracious blood-drinking, but also with darker, sadder shades of crimson as Bill and Lorena have what looks like their last hysterical showdown. Bill’s spurned her repeatedly across the centuries, and now she’s fondling a set of scalpels as oddly beautiful tears (vamps cry blood, remember) streak down her face. Is he done for?

As a break from all this tingling peril, Jason and Lafayette both look more deeply into the eyes of their new partners. But even that’s tense because these days in Bon Temps, virtually nobody is what they seem. At least one of them's bound to be mad, evil or a giant lizard with human skin on. Where's your money?


Russell Edgington takes Sookie prisoner and orders Lorena to execute Bill, before heading off to present the Queen of Louisiana with an interesting proposal. Meanwhile, Tara devises a plan to escape from Franklin's obsessive clutches, and in Bon Temps, Sam tries to help his younger brother Tommy cut ties with his parents.

Cast & Crew

Sookie Stackhouse Anna Paquin
Russell Edgington Denis O'Hare
Lorena Mariana Klaveno
Bill Compton Stephen Moyer
Sophie-Anne Leclerq Evan Rachel Wood
Tara Thornton Rutina Wesley
Franklin Mott James Frain
Sam Merlotte Sam Trammell
Tommy Mickens Marshall Allman
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